Saving Time And Money On Commercial Asphalt Paving

Commercial Asphalt pavement

Regular commercial asphalt maintenance can keep your commercial asphalt looking good for longer than regular asphalt driving paths.

There are many factors involved in commercial asphalt pavement maintenance including the asphalt itself, pavement design, the amount of traffic on the commercial asphalt, the proper amount of maintenance and other aspects such as the commercial parking lot paving standards.

It is important to have a good commercial grade asphalt driveway or parking lot pavement because it has the potential to save a company a lot of money in the long run.

Not only does commercial asphalt paving more quickly, but it is also easier to maintain and has the potential to last longer than regular asphalt.

However, aside from a good looking commercial asphalt pavement and great appreciation from visitors, workers, and residents for a safe, enjoyable to drive, there are business and financial benefits as well

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Commercial asphalt paving maintenance is less costly than other forms of pavement maintenance. For example, if a commercial asphalt pavement is used in a residential area with a lot of traffic, then it is possible to have the contractor maintain the lot on an annual basis for a lot less money than a lot more expensive asphalt pavement that requires yearly maintenance.

For instance, if a commercial asphalt pavement contains a parking lot, then each year a contractor will be paid to lay new pavement, remove any existing pavement, and then replace everything with new asphalt.

If a parking lot isn’t present, then that company will need to hire employees that are trained in maintaining the commercial asphalt pavement. They may have to pay for the labor costs associated with this job.

Also asphalt contractors have tools and equipment they use that can help cut down on the total cost of the commercial paving job.

Another aspect of commercial asphalt maintenance is cracked pavement. Cracks in commercial asphalt are not always a result of car traffic, but can be caused by plant expansion or cracking caused by heavy trucks.

When asphalt gets cracked it becomes weak and can crack into smaller cracks. When that happens, the expansion will cause another larger crack to form.

Eventually those cracks grow so big that they end up being unsightly and creating problems for people driving by the business.

In order to reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep a commercial asphalt parking lot looking great, a sealcoating system can be installed. Sealcoating systems can save a company a lot of money in the long run because they will prevent future cracking, crumbling, and erosion.

The amount of maintenance required to maintain a sealed asphalt driveway is minimal because there is very little maintenance required at all.

An asphalt sealcoating system is installed by a professional and usually takes about two hours to install, depending on the size of the driveway.


When it comes to asphalt paving company cost, time and cost-effective maintenance are usually at the top of the list. In most cases, commercial property owners are able to reduce their commercial paving contractor costs by doing many of the tasks themselves.

Some of these tasks include preparing the area before work begins and maintaining a regular maintenance schedule of painting the area. Many commercial property owners also do all the laying of the gravel, laying the concrete, putting down the tar paper and applying the sealcoating themselves.

Because commercial asphalt pavement is not as slippery as residential asphalt, many commercial properties use seal coated asphalt in place of traditional paving materials.

Seal coated asphalt reduces the number of potholes that develop when vehicles drive over them. It is more convenient to clean and maintain as well because it does not need to be washed as often. It can also withstand heat better than other types of pavements.

For all these reasons, seal coated asphalt is the preferred material used for commercial paving projects.

In addition to reducing commercial paving contractors’ expenses, a properly laid and maintained commercial parking lot can also add to the value of a commercial property.

When a parking lot is properly paved with asphalt, it can increase the property’s marketability and can also attract a higher number of commercial tenants.

Parking lots that are paved with asphalt also reduce the risk of building-related accidents by reducing the visibility of the asphalt. In fact, parking lot asphalt maintenance is often required to comply with local building codes.

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Saving Time and Money on Commercial Asphalt Paving

Commercial asphalt paving projects are not only cost-effective but also quite economical. With proper planning and preparation, saving time and money on commercial asphalt paving and property, also owner can save money on paving and maintenance costs.

Also, this will be saving time and money on commercial asphalt paving and your parking lot with asphalt is a great way to prevent issues before they can take hold.

Studies show that a commercial property owner who spends time and money on his or her commercial property’s paving will get to reap the financial benefits of their investment in a relatively short period of time.

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