Today learn more about a commercial parking lot. Paver designs are done considering three aspects: functional design, structural design, and drainage design. In residential areas, pavements are laid near the driveways. Varieties of designs and textures are available in the market with which one can do the task of pavement designing. There are several concrete service providers who provide attractive pavement designs in Highspire paving to their clients. Willie’s Paving has the best commercial parking lot pavers.


Types of pavements

Most of the people go for home renovation in order to maintain the beauty of one’s home. For the exterior portion of the house, people most often consider the renovation of the front door, lawn area, rooftop, driveways, pavement and so on. Maintaining the exterior of the house is necessary because when a house owner plans to sell the house, then they don’t need to pay extra charges for pavement repair and renovating the exterior portion. Pavements are of two types. They are flexible and rigid pavements.



Our customers in Highspire needed a new asphalt parking lot for their commercial parking lot.

Flexible pavements

The flexible pavements are made up of a series of layers with all types of quality materials near the surface. The strength of the flexible ones comes from these types of layers which are pre-installed inside it. This type of pavement is easily adaptable to stage construction, can be built at low cost, ability to easily patch and open, weather-resistant. Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages to the installation of flexible pavements. The lifespan of such pavement is shorter and the maintenance cost is higher.


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We repaved the parking lot with ID3 asphalt, as well as painted new lines for parking spaces.

Rigid pavements

On the other hand, rigid pavements are stronger than flexible ones. The maintenance cost is also low. This type of pavement is known for its durability and can bear heavy load without rendering any kind of damage. It can easily be placed on poor soils. The edges are stronger and oil and grease cannot damage the pavement material.



Therefore, before going for any kind of home renovation or construction project, it is always better to seek the advice of Willie’s Paving professionally qualified home renovation expert or a concrete contractor, who would help the homeowner in renovating their home. Willie’s Paving professionals can help their clients in selecting the best pavement designs in Highspire paving by providing the best service in changing the entire landscape of the house. They also handle all the construction activities and also arrange the finance for one’s renovation project.

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