Concrete Over Asphalt – A Great New Method of Driveway Construction

You might be wondering what it takes to have concrete over asphalt installed as a garage floor. If you’ve always wanted a new garage floor for your house, you can now install concrete over asphalt in a self-leveling concrete overlay. This can be done in just one day.

This project will also save you money. It will also make your house safer from damage from parking on top of it.

concrete over asphalt

Why should you install concrete over asphalt?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to install concrete over asphalt instead of asphalt pavement. Self-leveling a concrete driveway makes sense for several reasons. If your asphalt driveway is not level, you can cause damage from driving over it, especially when you get down to ground level. You can also injure yourself by performing an unsafe cement job.

You might also think it would be nice to have some cracks to look at when you drive over it. New cracks tend to appear when concrete is mixed and hardened. Old cracks, on the other hand, are better for looking at because they are uneven and therefore very eye-catching.

You can use a hole punch to punch holes for ventilation and drainage. However, if your old asphalt gets damaged somehow, you can just replace it with new concrete and walk on it like you did the old asphalt driveway.


What if I have to replace my asphalt?

If you have to replace your asphalt because it got damaged somehow, another option you can use to try to fix the problem is putting concrete over asphalt. There are a few tricks to make this easier, but basically, you just have to follow the same process as you used to put asphalt on.

First, you have to excavate your driveway so that you can put concrete on it. Then, once the hole is big enough, you can pour the concrete mixture onto the ground. Make sure to compact it as you go along, though.

Once the concrete mixture has completely dried, you can pour it onto your asphalt driveway. Make sure to compact it well before you seal it.

Once the concrete has completely set, you can apply a sealant or layer of sealant onto the surface of the ground. This will help protect your concrete parking lot from weather damage and keeps it looking nice for years to come.


How to turn old asphalt into new asphalt?

When you want to turn your old asphalt dock into something new, you can choose to either use full-depth concrete paving or simple whitetop landscaping. Full-depth paving requires digging a huge trench around the edge of your parking lot, then placing the pad in.

Whitetop landscaping, on the other hand, just involves putting down a layer of topsoil in the area where your parking pad will be laid. This gives your yard a smooth look while protecting your dock from the elements.


How do I get started?

When you get ready to get started on your new driveway, there are some things that you need to prepare first. For instance, if your old asphalt pad is not sealed very well, your concrete may seep out when it rains or it can easily rot if left outdoors. To prevent this from happening, you need to fill in the hole with concrete.

You can purchase premixed concrete or you can just pour your own concrete mix from home. The concrete that you get from home is much cheaper, but you can also find concrete pavers that are designed for full-depth concrete parking lots.

sealcoating equipment
showing why is asphalt hotter than concrete

Just make sure that your new pad is level before you start laying your driveway. If it’s not, you can add a base layer to make sure that everything is even. Once you’ve ensured that your concrete is all even, then you’re ready to start putting concrete!

Asphalt and concrete don’t always go together very well, so you’re going to have to make sure that you don’t overfill your pad or you’ll end up with cracked asphalt. You don’t want to end up with a concrete floor that looks like a mudslide!

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