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Have you been searching “commercial paving contractors near me”? Willie’s Paving is the only PennDOT certified asphalt contractor serving Harrisburg PA, Dauphin County and surrounding areas such as York County. Our Harrisburg paving services are top of the line. Just ask our clients! asphalt driveway installation harrisburg pa and residential asphalt paving

Poor Contract Management causes many procurement problems in the United States and many other countries in the world. Whether your driveway has just a few cracks or immediately need a facelift, paving with asphalt (composite material for surfacing roads, parking lot paving, etc.) is one of the best choices of material you can go with. There is a multitude of reasons for their break up and asphalt deterioration like non-ideal conditions or extreme weather conditions, poor drainage, low-grade materials, and many others.

Repaving the Asphalt driveway or fixing the crack is not a big deal, apparently choosing the quality contractor is imperative. Poor service will result in water pooling in your garage area and house surrounding and cause further damages to your building foundation. Willie’s paving has earned an impeccable reputation for quality work for parking lot paving. Also for Harrisburg seal coating, driveway paving Harrisburg PA, and one of the trusted local asphalt contractors in Pennsylvania.

Benefits of Hiring Quality Harrisburg Paving Contractors

When it comes to uplift, your best bet is to hire a professional paving contractor. Repairing pavement is not a DIY task that can be done by you. instead, you need the required tools and machinery. Apparently hiring a right and professional contractors like Willie’s paving will bring you immense benefits like

  • Deliver High-Quality Results – Hiring quality contractors will definitely yield the best quality results. This is a simple fact and widely accepted theory because they will ensure to offer the professional workforce with the right equipment.
  • Maximum Safety – Adequate sealing is necessary to avoid potholes and unnecessary risk. Quality contractors like Willie who take care of Harrisburg paving know how to handle customer safety with great precision.
  • Saving Time and Money – Quality contractors have their own equipment and complete the projects in a timely fashion. Which ends up saving you time and money.

What does asphalt paving in Harrisburg entail

According to the city of Harrisburg, as well as other paving companies in Harrisburg, asphalt paving is a process that combines stone and gravel with an asphalt binder. This mixture is then pressed into a layer of smooth pavement used for roads and parking lots. The city of Harrisburg uses this process to fix up its rough roads and make them smoother for cars to use.

The full paving process in Harrisburg

The first step in Harrisburg asphalt paving is having trenches dug alongside where the new road will be built. Once trenching has been completed, the next step is to put down layers of different sizes/types/densities stone and gravel all over the area that will become the new roadway before making it level again.

The second step will then be to make sure that the stone and gravel are pressed together firmly, creating a smooth even layer over the area. This is how Harrisburg paving turns loose gravel into sturdy pavement.

Once the Harrisburg paving has been done, all of the dirt that was dug up in preparation for it must be taken away with heavy machinery or another means before then adding sand to the new road to help with draining any water that may try to flood it. Then paint lines are drawn on Harrisburg paving to show where cars should stop at intersections and curbs are made alongside the Harrisburg streets so pedestrians have somewhere safe to walk. Finally, when all of this is completed Harrisburg paving will have turned an eyesore into a beautiful driveway.

When Should You Seal Coat Your Driveway

When your driveway is broken and rutted, then it is time to think about the new uplift. Also, in some cases, it would have been over the years after you have done the sealing. Quality payment is something most of us take it for granted. So, never ignore these cracks because it is essential for pavement preservation and extending the life of your asphalt. Hence, make an immediate decision to call quality contractors like Willie’s paving and get your quote.

Working with Willie’s paving is indeed a cost-efficient service for your home improvement. With their outstanding customer service and highest quality craftsmanship, they work to the fullest satisfaction of the homeowners.

parking lot line striping and Harrisburg Paving

Contact us today at 717-932-8920 for a free estimate on your next project. Yes, we can have your biggest job for the smallest job, we would love to provide you with a quote.

New Construction

Installation of new driveway paving and the repair of damaged asphalt pavement is what we do most often and what we do best. Whether for new home construction of your new restaurant or retail store, we got you covered. For an asphalt paving job to be done right, you need to have the right equipment, proper materials, and people who know how to use them.

We believe that no one in Dauphin County does paving better than Willie’s Paving.

1st our grading crews will prepare your job site. They will start by balancing the subgrade to ensure a proper finish grade of the aggregate base. This is essential for the proper results and long life of your asphalt pavement.

Our mainline paving crew handles jobs from small parking lots with light traffic and bicycle paths to heavy-duty areas. These areas include truck terminals or hospital complexes, schools and universities.

We are the best asphalt paving contractor Harrisburg has to offer.

Willies Paving services the Hershey, Harrisburg, Middletown location and our staff can design the right paving solution for your paving needs.

Harrisburg Driveway Paving FAQ

How much does paving a driveway cost?

The price ranges from $2,300 and $10,300. As homeowner you should expect to pay per square foot.

What is the cheapest way to pave a driveway?

Asphalt paving is typically affordable. Along with being affordable, it is also very durable. Known to last 20 – 25 years.

What is Tar and Chip?

Tar and chip is a very affordable paving option. It usually has a more decorative appearance than plain asphalt.

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Asphalt Paving Contractor Harrisburg PA - Willies Paving Inc harrisburg paving
Asphalt Paving Contractor Harrisburg PA - Willies Paving Inc harrisburg paving
Asphalt Paving Contractor Harrisburg PA - Willies Paving Inc harrisburg paving
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