Asphalt Repairs May Be Easier Than You Thought

Winter is in full swing and the next thing you know spring will be here. Winter snow and ice can play havoc with roads during the brutal winter months. Snowplows go up and down the road for months at a time, and some drivers put snow chains on their tires to be able to get around. Where it’s warmer, the sun constantly bakes the roads.

A never-ending bombardment of heat from the sun. Asphalt roads, parking lots, and driveways take an ongoing pounding that weakens them and causes problems not only for drivers but for pedestrians as well. If you’re needing repairs to your parking lot, driveway, or street due to problems with the asphalt, then you need special repairs from asphalt repairs.

How Important Are Asphalt Repairs?

The appearance of your parking lot driveway or road is important. When it starts to show wear, it’s potentially putting people at risk. One of the main trouble spots in any of these asphalt surfaces is potholes. 

Potholes are unsightly. Not only are they unsightly they can be very dangerous. Many times a person has accidentally driven into one and blew out one of their tires due to the severity of the pothole. That blown out tire can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Vehicles Can Be At Risk

If you lose control of your vehicle, especially during normal or rush hour times. Then you risk getting yourself into an accident and that could involve other drivers. If you have a pothole in your parking lot or driveway and you cause damage to someone’s vehicle, or worse, to a person.

You could be liable for any money damages awarded to them since you did not maintain your property. The process for filling pothole and making sure they are sealed against the elements really isn’t an expensive process, so if you have a pothole have it taken care of right away.

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What Problems Can Poor Asphalt Surface Cause?

With a poor asphalt surface, you risk devaluation of your property. In addition, you have potential clients and customers that, if they see that the parking lot they would be using is not taken care of and appears to not only have large cracks and potholes, they are more than likely to go somewhere else that looks appealing.

That hurts your bottom line when you’re looking for a business. And, if someone becomes injured walking in your parking lot when they try to get to their destination, then you can be liable for the injuries they sustain and be subject to monetary damages. 

What Does Winter Weather Do To Asphalt Paving

With the winter weather you expect to have ice and snow, but that ice and snow don’t stick around forever. Eventually, temperatures are going to change, and the ice and snow covering the asphalt will melt and seep into the cracks that may already be in the asphalt.

Then, temperatures, like so often times in the winter, will drop again below the freezing mark and that will cause the water in the cracks to expand making a larger crack than before. 

Can Cracks Effect An Asphalt Pavementaps?

These cracks weaken the asphalt and this process happens over and over again. Water gets into the asphalt and it pushes the asphalt upward. As the ice melts it gets absorbed by the asphalt and leaves behind a space where the ice once was. As the asphalt forms a dome, vehicles run over the dome.

The dome breaks and gets pushed down into where the ice once was creating a pothole on the surface. This is why it’s so important in making sure cracks in the roadways, parking lots, and driveways get patched since the crack can become a pothole in a very short period of time. Fixing these when spring comes around is vitally important and not that expensive to do.


Technology has also changed. Sealants are now available to seal any repairs that have taken place. These sealants will greatly reduce any chances of cracks or potholes from recurring thereby costing you more money for extra repairs. 


Asphalt problems can be very costly. If not repaired in a timely manner the right way, they can become a liability for you. You could lose money out of your pocket to pay for damages to someone’s vehicle and you could pay damages to someone who has become injured due to potholes. Take care of the asphalt repair once the right way. Consult asphalt repairs today.

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