Dealing With Seal Coating Issues?

Are you the proud owner of a business? Does your business own a large parking lot? If this is the case, then you know the hassles of having to maintain that parking lot. From sealing it to striping it, it is a yearly hassle that has to be dealt with. Without proper maintenance of a parking lot seal coating, people won’t be able to navigate the parking lot very easily.

You may even run into problems with people having accidents or complaining. In order to stay ADA compliant and compliant with many city codes, businesses have to have and operate a clear parking lot with clear spaces and markers. This is why you should trust your parking lot to a parking lot sealing company. 

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What Is Sealcoat?

Essentially, Sealcoating provides an additional layer or film over the paved driveway. This layer protects the asphalt from damage due to oxidation and weathering, and prevents fuel from spilling over from time to time.

Why Choose Sealcoat?

The benefits of seal coating a parking lot annually are endless. Along with slowing down the weed growth between cracks, you can help make the pavement of your parking lot last quite a bit longer. This is because the cracking open the pavement beneath the effects of the sun.

Along with that, the weed growth between the cracks makes the cracking worse and causes problems further down the line. The root systems of the plants can crack the pavement from the bottom up. Seal coating is important to maintain your parking lot for a lifetime. 

How Do They Do It? 

Basically, if there is already pavement in place asphalt repairs are simple. They mix up their proprietary blend of black tar pavement and fill in the cracks. It’s not really that easy though, because there are a lot of steps leading to that. It starts by cleaning out the cracks of any vegetation that is there.

Then they have to ‘sand’ the surrounding pavement to ensure that there is a good surface for the pavement to stick into. Then they do the filling. After that, it has to dry and the entire parking lot has to be sealed with a top sealant. This top sealant helps protect the parking lot from the elements, especially the sun. 

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When Do Need Parking Lot Paving?

If the parking lot isn’t already established or it is not possible to do asphalt repairs, then there is another level of work that has to be done. There is a lot of steps previous to the laying of the pavement. They will start by digging out the location of the parking lot and prepping the ground.

If this isn’t done correctly then the parking lot will not last as long because the sinking ground underneath may cause the parking lot to sink. Along with that, if there are sinkholes or pieces of the pavement missing it can be difficult to drive on the parking lot. Then when they do lay the pavement they have to be aware of any city sewer or electricity lines that are under the earth.

There are many things to be considered when paving and this is one thing you should trust a company to take care of. Parking lot seal coating is a difficult process. The seal coating cost can range anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand based on the size of the parking lot. 

Creating Signs and Navigation

After parking lot seal coating is completed, signing needs to be taken care of. Signing in a parking lot can be especially important. This helps direct people and helps keep the flow of the parking lot. This can be important in helping people avoid having accidents as well as the organization of the parking lot as a whole.

People navigating through a parking lot can be life or death. If a hospital does not have good signing telling people where they can and can’t park, then the ambulance may struggle with getting people to and from the hospital.

If there isn’t good signing marking the entrance and exit, there may be multiple wrecks of people trying to go in the opposite direction. Obviously, wrecks cannot be completely avoided, however, good signs can help people navigate your business’s parking lot. 

What Is Line Striping?

Line striping is one of the most important parts of a parking lot because it is what tells people exactly where to park. Without striping, people could easily get confused and park any way that they think is suitable. However, line striping helps tell people how and where to park in order for the parking lot to be as efficient as possible.

Many people who own businesses have a company come in every summer and renew their striping. This way they have fewer wrecks and stay ADA compliant. Along with basic parking stripes, striping company can do the red marking for fire lanes. The yellow parking for no park zones and the blue striping for ADA parking. 

Industries it is Helpful For

Basically every single business that has a parking lot can benefit from striping. From Hospitals to small sales companies, there are places that need striping and sealing. Your parking lot needs to set a beautiful example of the company inside. So when it comes to striping, chipping and resealing, trust a company that has years in the business to take care of your company. The seal coating cost is relatively inexpensive. 

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