The Best Driveway Paving In York Pa

Any homeowner knows that a properly paved driveway adds an aesthetic appeal to the home as well as increase the value of the property. When it comes time to seek out driveway paving in York, PA you need to keep the following elements in mind as they will impact the cost of the project:

1. Size of the Driveway

Most driveway paving projects are usually priced by square feet. Thus, the larger or longer the driveway, the higher the cost.

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2. Material

Depending on one’s preference, the material chosen can impact the total cost of the project. Some material is cheap and inexpensive to install but will be costly in the future due to regular maintenance. It is recommended to choose the material that will require little or no maintenance. However, such materials can be quite expensive but will last forever.

Popular materials used for driveway paving include pavers, asphalt, concrete, bricks, decomposed granite, and gravel.

i. Concrete

One of the most popular materials used for paving driveways due to its strength, durability and low-cost maintenance. The added benefit of using concrete is that it’s flexible in terms of design, shape, texture, and color. The disadvantage of using it is that it cracks during expansion and contraction.


Minimum $4 per Square Foot

Maximum $15 per Square Foot

ii. Asphalt

This is another material used cause of its durability and low cost. However, some homeowners shy away from paving driveways using asphalt citing lack aesthetic appeal. Alternatively, one can add color to improve its look but this will add to the cost.

  • Minimum $3 per Square Foot
  • Maximum $5 per Square Foot

iii. Pavers

Originated from Europe, it’s a high-end option that is favored for its wide variety of color options and patterns. Other than that it’s durable and permeable. Its drawback is that with time it may settle and become uneven. The other disadvantage is weed may grow in between the spaces.

  • Interlocking Pavers: Minimum $6 per Square Foot Maximum $8 per Square Foot
  • Pavers: Minimum $10 per Square Foot
  • Maximum $55 per Square Foot

Looking For Driveway Paving in York Pa | Willies Paving driveway paving in york

iv. Decomposed Granite and Gravel

This option is for anyone willing to cater for future regular maintenance but pays less for installation. The biggest drawback is that during heavy rains, the driveway may be eroded and washed away. A possible solution is the addition of a stabilizer to avoid erosion but it comes at a cost.

  • Minimum $0.50 per Square Foot
  • Maximum $2 per Square Foot

v. Brick

A popular option for traditional and historical-style homes but can be used in modern more contemporary homes.

  • Minimum $5 per Square Foot
  • Maximum $50 per Square Foot

3. Lab-our

The cost of hiring a professional will be determined by the size and duration of the project. However, the following steps can be used to hire the best paving contractors:

  • Get at least three contractors, interview them and see which meets your criteria.
  • Do follow-ups of work done by the contractors you have selected. Find at least three references for each contractor
  • Single out a contractor who specializes in your desired driveway
  • List the details you want to be featured in your driveway
  • Request for a quotation as well as estimated time it will take to complete the project
  • Follow up on the contractor’s licenses and insurance to ensure they are legit.
  • Ask questions when need be.

Looking For Driveway Paving in York Pa | Willies Paving driveway paving in york

4.Current Driveway Conditions

The condition of your driveway may affect the total cost of the project. For instance, the driveway needs to be leveled in order to have an even pavement. Thus, if the driveway ground needs leveling it will push the cost higher.

Alternatively, an existing driveway that is damaged and may need to be removed or repaired. This will also push the cost higher.

The other factor is the pitch of the driveway, flat driveways cost lesser compared to driveways with a steeper pitch.

How much does it cost paving driveways in York? As of 2019, the average cost paid is between $1,793 and $1,978. A majority of homeowners in York paid an average $1,885 with some paying $1,978. Additionally, this cost includes the average costs for labor, materials, and equipment for driveway paving in York, Pennsylvania.

However, the average cost does not include the following:

  • Materials and supply York sales taxes
  • Materials and supply York and Pennsylvania sales taxes
  • Building and inspection fees in York
  • Contractor fees
  • Permits necessary for driveway paving in York

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