Can you put asphalt over dirt?

Yes, you can blacktop over gravel.

If anything, Over 90 percent of the roads in the US are surfaced with blacktop (preferably known as asphalt). This is because not only does it give the road an enticing appearance, but it also entails several other benefits.

Can you put asphalt over dirt? can you put asphalt over dirt

Converting your Gravel Driveway into Asphalt

Adding a layer of asphalt over your gravel driveway is one of the most inexpensive options that you can use to pave it. However, if the project is not done accordingly, it can result in the blacktop becoming brittle and dry, leading to a small crack on the surface. 

The good news is, contacting a professional contractor will assist you with any obstacle that you may encounter when paving your driveway. They’ll also answer any question that you may have regarding the project, not to mention, they will use the appropriate steps.

One major issue contributing to the asphalt breaking down prematurely is water; therefore, the contractors will check the grade and conduct a runoff evaluation. This step is essential to prevent water from later pooling over the surface.

A panel will be laid underneath it to create a sub-base that is stable enough to hold the asphalt. Afterward, the contractors will add the last layer to make the gravel driveway solid.

Once that is done, it is essential to conduct regular maintenance, such as:

This will prevent it from breaking or cracking, significantly expanding its lifespan.

Different Alternatives that you can use

In comparison to blacktop, chip and tar is a cheaper method to pave a gravel driveway. However, the texture may tend to be rougher due to the combination of stones and asphalt.

Once the blacktop is already in place, this process is then more straightforward since all you have to do to finish off the surface is add stones over it. It is double the price of gravel, but it makes your driveway appealing without having to spend a fortune.

Can you put asphalt over dirt

The Do It Yourself Option

Paving your gravel driveway can cost an arm and a leg; fortunately, there is a more straightforward tactic that you can use with just a few materials. The first step is to evaluate the quantity of loose dirt and gravel you have.

Then, head over to your local supply store and purchase the materials you may require to pave your driveway. If you aren’t familiar with what you may need, consult the merchant since they may assist you.

Once you have attained your materials, mix the dirt with the gravel. It is advisable to do this after a rain when everything is wet. Afterward, give your driveway a scrape then let it dry. This will provide your driveway with a smooth texture and a good look.

Take note of the Environment before Paving your Driveway

Now that you have familiarized yourself with whether you can add asphalt over dirt, certain factors should remain etched in your mind before diving into this idea, such as checking the local building codes.

This is because certain building jurisdictions will require you to get a permit before paving a gravel driveway.

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