Sealcoating Equipment Guide

Asphalt pavers are equipment that is used to place asphalt on roadways, parking lot or outdoor surface. Asphalt is made from a combination of annoy and crude oil by-products and other collective resources. We have two types of asphalt paver compact unit that is towed by a dump truck and the second one that is self-propelled.

The use of asphalt is much demanding as each technique, as well as the tools and equipment. When it is time to repave your footway, driveway or your parking lot is always essential to choose a company that will do the best repair you want. Sealcoating is a significant activity that should be done regularly; it should be done once in two to three years.

Below are common sealcoating equipment used by pavers.


1. Brushes

This is an essential tool for seal coating; it is used to remove dust and cleanup cracks before paving. It has the following features: edging brush, aluminum brush, a wooden sealer application brush, and a drag strip brush.

2. Stabilizers or reclaimers

This is a unique vehicle with a dual purpose. This machine has a very large rotor blade that is used to pulverize and cut old pavement or damaged pavements. It can also be used to mix fly ash, lime or cement to form sub base so as to stabilize poor soils.

sealcoating equipment

Best Sealcoating Equipment

Used sealcoating equipment

It used to be that buying used equipment was seen as a risky proposition, but today the used sealcoating equipment marketplace has changed dramatically. With many used sealcoating machines now reaching second-hand age (i.e., anywhere from 10 years and older), used sealcoating contractors are now able to buy used sealcoating equipment at far better prices than was ever previously possible – yet these same used machines also come with warranties and/or backup service teams just like their new counterparts.

How much does a seal coating machine cost?

At first, the price of the average seal coat machine is about $ 300.00 (USD)

This can also depend on what type of sealcoating machine you are buying. Depending on the size and brand, some machines can be even more expensive than others. However, there are many different features that may determine how much this specific sealcoat machine will cost you. For example, if it it has an engine or does not have one; what the features include; etc.!

Is sealcoating profitable?

Several factors are considered when determining whether or not seal coating is profitable. How long does the asphalt need to last? How many miles of roads do you plan to cover? How much money will it cost you to set up your business? How much money can you make per gallon of sealer, and how often will you need to reseal an area in order for it be profitable?

While some factors might seem like they should carry more weight than others, each factor has a significant impact on the profitability of seal coating business.

For example, if your business provides services that require few employees and low overhead costs, this would mean fewer expenses. Ideally, the longer an area needs to be sealed before work is needed offers higher profitability.

sealcoating equipment
sealcoating equipment

Milling machines

The top layer is always milled off from an old pavement in order to provide a smooth surface on you can pave comfortably. Milling is also used in removing the distressed layer from your pavement. Milling machines are used to remove the old HMA surface before you do the overlay. You can also fit the automatic grade control so as to bring back that transverse a longitudinal grade and remove many of the current pavement distortions. You can also use milling machines to produce a grooved, rough surface.


Graders are another group of sealcoating equipment used by pavers. They are very important sealcoating equipment as they are used in place of millers if it happens that the base of your pavement has gravel or is dirt. Graders are vehicles with very large blades that are used to make wide flat surfaces where asphalt is placed on.


These are used to clean the surface after it has been grades or milled. Sweeping is important due to the excessive dust and debris from the ground, which can prevent one from doing proper bonding between the base course and the asphalt. When we have large pieces amount of debris can lead to non-uniform compaction.

sealcoating equipment
tar chip

This sealcoating equipment is used to produce HMA. It produces HMA in a continuous manner. It has a higher production rate compared to batch plants. The production rate from a drum plant is somewhere between 100tons per hour to over 900 tons per hour.

Patching straightener

This sealcoating equipment is good for filling and patching low spots in tennis courts, parking lots, driveways.

Chapin sprayer

This sealcoating equipment is used for spraying concrete sealers, oil sport primers, curing compounds and more.

These are the sealcoating equipment that you need to be aware of.

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