Advantages Of Using The Line Striping Tape Machine

To have a high-quality sports surface, you need good tools to work on the surface. In sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis, precision markings are required. Here are the advantages of using a line striping tape machine for this kind of work.

Line striping tape machine

Easy Line Striping Tape Machine Methods

Manually making the markings can be backbreaking work. But with this machine, the work got easier since it reduces operator fatigue. You can use it while standing up. Even drawing complicated patterns is easy with this automated tool.

Precision Line Striping

You will be able to draw straight lines with accuracy. The width of the striping can be adjusted to between 1 and 8 inches.

Save Time With Striping Tape Machine

This tool requires less manpower and gets the job done in less time. With this tool, one person can get the job done in what would otherwise take 2 men to do in more hours. The automated system makes the work a breeze, therefore it is done faster.

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Save Money On The Project

Save money that would have otherwise been used to hire outside contractors to do the job. You can do the job on your own or have members of your team do the job.

Also, you will reduce claims for workers’ compensation. This is because there is minimal risk of injury to workers using this tool as compared to those performing the job manually. The workers will strain their bodies less, hence they are less likely to get sick as a result of performing a repetitive manual job.

Versatility Striping Machine

The tool can be used to put temporary marks on the floor. This allows you to use the gym or sports grounds for various activities. All you have to do is to remove the temporary marks and put the corresponding marks for the game you want to play.

Durability Tape Machine

The tool is quite durable. You can use it over a long period of time. In case it breaks down it can easily be fixed.

What’s more, the marks it makes last for a long time. The heavyweight of the tool helps to ensure tape adhesion on surfaces.

Some manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty, so in case of any issues, you can return it to the seller or manufacturer for repair.

Removal of Striping Tape

Removing the tape is quite easy. All you have to do is to scrape up one end of it and use it to pull out the rest of it.


It is quite convenient to use the tool in hard to reach areas. For instance, in tight spots. But as long as the tool can reach there it will be possible to apply the marks. Plus, the tool can hold multiple pieces of tape, making it possible to mark large surface areas at one go.

Extreme Temperatures

There are some tools that can be used under extreme temperature conditions. They can be used under high temperatures and in extremely cold environments.


Applying marks on the floor comes with various challenges. However, by using the right tool for the job, you will be able to overcome these challenges easily.

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