Can You Put Paving On A Slope

Apart from adding character, paver walkways also help define your garden, backyard path, landscape, or entrance area. Homeowners can choose from several different pavers available. In most cases, installing them isn’t hard as long as one follows the right steps. However, when paving sloppy paths, the process can be more complicated. Today, we will talk about how to pave on a slope and hopefully help simplify this process for you.


Choose the Walkway’s Location

Individuals should first choose where they want their pathway location before they start working on the sloped area. One can mark their pathway with landscape paint. We advise that you choose an area that is least sloped. Note that this project will be much easier with an area that is level.


Prepare Your Ground

Once you’ve marked your pathway area, you can now begin preparing for installing pavers. Cut sods but make sure that they’re in length. This allows natural roll-ups, plus transporting them will be easy. Ensure that you get rid of any obstacle that may be problematic for the sod once it is up including roots, rocks, etc. After that, one should rake their ground until it is smooth and even. This ensures that there are no depressions or holes left that can hold water and weaken your walkaway’s foundation.


Installing Landscape Borders

You can then install a border of your choice. However, we recommend small plastic borders since they define your space and provide one with reference points when edging your lawn. Install your border in the cut-out area then hold it in place by driving in the stakes.


Spread Crushed Rocks over the Ground

Since you’ve already prepared your ground for pavers, you can spread out these rocks in layers onto the 2 inches deep ground. Smoother and soften it by raking then run it over using the compactor. This ensures that your surface is stable and compact enough for installing pavers.

paving on a slope

How to Start Paving on a Slope

One should lay out pavers starting at their walkway’s bottom. Begin from the walkaway’s center towards the side. Should there be a need for cutting any paver, you can use a chisel for marking them and break pieces off using a hammer. Continue installing pavers until you complete your walkway.


Spread Concrete Sand over Pavers

Spreading sand helps cement pavers. Spread it into the bricks and sweep it into cracks and crevices. Then confirm that your work is level by using your compactor.


Wash Excess Dirt

Lastly, individuals should use turn on their hose and spring water over their walkways to get rid of standing sand that is remaining.



Constructing an unlevel area is not easy. But, even with an uneven place, you can still do some construction work. Well, installing pavers on sloppy paths might be difficult but remember that some slope is desirable as it allows for proper drainage. We hope that this guide on how to build a paver walkway on a slope has helped simplify this process. But those who are still unsure about their skills can always seek help from professionals.

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Paving On A Slope paving on a slope
Paving On A Slope paving on a slope
Paving On A Slope paving on a slope
Paving On A Slope paving on a slope
Paving On A Slope paving on a slope
Paving On A Slope paving on a slope

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