How to do Asphalt line striping

How To Do Asphalt Line Striping In A Parking Lot?

Guide on asphalt line striping

A parking lot is easily one of the most important parts of any business. After all, this is where people will leave their cars when deciding to patronize a company. If it is clean, well-ordered, and appealing, it’s possible for businesses to retain more clients and sell more services or goods. If you are in charge of designing the parking lot for your property, you may be wondering how to do asphalt line striping.


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how to do asphalt line striping

What is Asphalt Line Striping?

This is the process of allocating the available space so that people know where to park, which direction to angle their cars, and how far apart to space themselves among other things. Without these painted lines, your lot will be both unsafe and unusable. There will be no order and direction, and the risk of accidents and other unfortunate events will be quite high.

It is important to note that the local planning commission may have very specific requirements for projects like these. These exist to promote a certain aesthetic within cities and counties. They also exist to promote a specific level of overall order and safety. Failing to adhere to the guidelines that have been set forth by such a commission in your area can result in penalties. More importantly, you may have to start the entire project all over again and at your own cost.


How should the business prepare for line striping?

To start, it is important to entirely close the parking lot off. This is one reason why many businesses have these projects handled by professionals. With properly trained and equipped asphalt stripers on the job, these efforts can be completed in the most nominal amount of time. Rapid completion of striping projects allows for minimal disruption to businesses. In addition to promoting greater levels of overall continuity, outsourcing this work to licensed and qualified professionals guarantees adherence to all relevant building and design codes.

Once the parking area is closed off, space will need to be clearly labeled as off-limits. Most companies do not start this work without first having an established set of approved plans. These plans apportion parking areas properly so that there is ample space for vehicles to pull into and out spaces, and ample driving area in all remaining lanes.


How to do Asphalt Line Striping Tips

In addition to striping for individual spaces, it may be necessary to establish a dividing line between the two lanes of lot traffic, apportion areas for product deliveries, and ensure that there is adequate upfront parking for those who are mobility challenged. Creating adequate parking to ensure accessibility for those who cannot walk long distances is key for making sure that all clients feel welcome and accommodated.

Next, the lines should be laid out. Rather than painting right away, look over the initial layout to make sure that there are no glaring errors. Once the lines are in place, fixing them will prove far more frustrating, time-consuming, and costly than simply making every effort to get them right from the outset. The overall layout should make sense according to the volume and type of traffic that space will routinely see.


Key Takeaways

Asphalt striping should always be applied with high-quality paint and equipment. Keep in mind that this paint will be constantly exposed to the elements and daily subject to the friction of tires. Low-quality paint will fade and wear easily. Using cutting-edge tools and equipment ensures straight striping, adequate stripe width, and better overall aesthetics among many other benefits.



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How to do Asphalt line striping how to do asphalt line striping

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How to do Asphalt line striping how to do asphalt line striping
How to do Asphalt line striping how to do asphalt line striping

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