Street Print Decorative Paving System

Willie’s Paving is now proud to offer Street Print. Street Print is a decorative paving system that allows homeowners to use specially formed texturizing stamps and colorants to create the rich, stylish look of hand-laid brick or cobblestone for a fraction of the price.


Stand Out From Your Neighbors

Street Print is done during the repaving process. Combining the heat of newly laid asphalt blacktop with custom created wire rope templates and plate compactors, Street Print creates an impression on the newly laid surface which is then painted. Once finished, the look of anything from brick bordered driveways to custom-pieced cobblestone borders and mosaic street numbers can be a permanent part of your driveway “curb appeal”.

Making Your Home Unique

Street Print offers the total flexibility of design, quick installation and easy, low maintenance. It withstands extreme heat and cold and is highly cost-effective compared to other paving products or concrete work. Street Print is easily one of the best ways to let your house express the unique personality that makes it your family’s home.


Recent Street Print Paving Jobs and Stamped Asphalt


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