What is Petromat & Petro Matting?

Petromat is a specially designed felt-like fabric made to strengthen and reinforce the base level of pavement before new asphalt is placed on top of it. Petromat also helps lessen the effects of cracks in the existing asphalt and helps keep them from coming up through into the new asphalt.

Petromat can be installed in 18” wide, pre-adhesive backed pieces over all cracks that are ½” or larger. It can also be installed, as is usually done in commercial lots, by applying 8’ wide pieces of material that can be cut specifically to the size and laid over the entire area.


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How Petro Matting Works

Petro Matting is the process of laying down a binder coat (hot oil, tar adhesive or hot liquid tar) which helps the layers of asphalt stick together, then laying down the Petromat fabric and finally layering new asphalt on top. Petro Matting before paving the area to be asphalt covered can reduce cracking by up to 80%. With this process, cracks are stopped in their tracks, and won’t come up through new asphalt, even after years of traffic and pressure.

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