Pavement Markings available in Harrisburg PA

Pavement Markings are an important part of your commercial parking lot. After the parking lot is paved or seal coated properly it should be then that the parking lot painting occurs. Depending on the volume of traffic in the parking lot, in addition to regular maintenance, parking lot line painting may require repainting yearly.

Painting parking lot lines allow traffic to move easily through the lot. Stripes, numbers and larger markings can be added to an existing lot, or we can layout new pavement markings to a freshly paved parking lot.pavement-markings-in-central-pa-commercial-parking-lot

Pavement Markings add many benefits to your parking lot:

Maximize Space

Making sure proper planning has been executed is very important. You want to make sure there are enough parking spots laid out for all of your customers.

Efficient Traffic Flow

Parking lots should facilitate to all patrons, including disabled ones. Having precisely marked parking spots for handicapped customers is crucial. Directing all traffic to appropriate parking spots can alleviate the flow of traffic.


At Willies Paving we strive to provide our customers with expertise for all of your paving needs. We appreciate the need for excellent customer service and provide our customers with 100% satisfaction every time.



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